Careers & Resume Submit

ASIC, PCB, FPGA, RFIC, Analog, Design, Verification, EDA Tools

For hardware pros of all types from FPGA, PCB, ASIC digital, analog, RFIC design, verification,mask design, physical design or EDA tools engineers

Sales, Marketing, TAM, Solution Architects, Application Engineers

For field, inside sales, application engineers, TAM's, Solution Architects, Technical / Product Marketing to VP & Directors Sales and Marketing

Software, Firmware, Embedded SDLC, Design, Verification, SCM, Test

Software pros of all types from design, verification, test, Agile SDLC, Opensource, mobile, developers, SCM, continous integration, application support

Cloud, IT, Networking, Systems Design, Verification, Integrate & Test

Pros for the Cloud, Data Centers, Servers, IT, Networking, Big Data, Database, Systems Design who design, verify, integrate, test or support.

Mechanical 3D, Solids, SW Prototypes CAD / CAM, Analysis, Verification, Test

For Mechanical, CAD / CAM Pros who design, verify, build software prototypes, analyze, test  products

Robotics, Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Process Control

Pros who can architect, design, verify automation products or how to design, set-up, install, repair and use for product line manufacture applications.

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